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Friday, November 16, 2012


Now as I have mentioned in this blog, we painted the "0 Regrets" and were in the process of remodeling the condo. WELL ----- The process is complete with much work and check writing. I found the best way to remodel the condo is to write checks. I should say Denise wrote checks, I just played the part of the General contractor. Our little condo is very warm and homey now. The new paint, trim and floors just set the unit off. While we purchased the unit "remodeled" the nesting just had to continue. We removed the carpet as this is not good for even the best dogs and husband. We installed hardwood laminate which gives us the warm look but is so easy to maintain. Even the dogs can sweep and "swifter" the floors. Although they seem to just lay around.
We hired a well recommended painter, Mike, who speaks with a soft voice and handles a mean brush. Here I am offering to paint baseboard prior to installation trying to help. Mike just shrugged and said install it and I will paint. NO PROBLEM. I would make one hell of a mess of the floor. Painting baseboard above a new floor would just not fly with my painting skills. So, that is why one should hire the professional. Mike did a great job and probably uttered 10 words during the project. The flooring guys were a real "pair". I had worries about them moving furniture etc. while trying to install wood flooring. Not a worry. They expertly piled up furniture, layed the floor, moved furniture back and layed more flooring. Just another day in the park. Rodney was the leader of the pair. I watched as he cut and measured and measured again. I had to run him off one night to reduce the saw noise for the neighbors. Rodney wanted to work till complete. To sum up, Rodney and helper did a good job, working hard and putting up with me and the dogs. Again, Bailey and Bella did little to help. Speaking of dogs. After completion of the remodeling we are enjoying our fireplace. Each unit has a wood burning fireplace. A luxury we enjoy and Denise is very experienced at chopping and splitting wood. What a girl !!!!
Finished Condo remodeling via Lady Denise.

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