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Sunday, December 26, 2010


Each Christmas brings many changes in our lives.  This year is not an exception.  We have enjoyed our Becky visiting from Boulder, CO, (the republic).  She is a real kick to have around.  The season brought limited time with family due to travel, new locations (girls) and U. S. Army requirements (Ethan).  As "ageing" parents, we feel the empty nest this time of year.  However, the empty nest remains busy.

During 2010 we traveled at minimum of 12,000 miles in the Admiral.  We visited the northwest, south and all of Kentucky and Tennessee.  The travel experiences continue to be a major part of our lifestyle now.  I thought I had experience travel until we purchased the Admiral and the entire US was opened to our eyes.  The past 2 months our Admiral has lounged in "dry dock" awaiting the next adventure.  I anticipate a trip in January even for just a few days.  I hope the Admiral is missing us.  We are discussing a long journey to Nova Scotia and Maine in summer.  I wonder what the up Easter's will think of this southern bunch invading their neck of the woods. 

My experiences aboard the Nina remains a good memory.  The readers of the blog were very kind in comments, even the pieces on were well received.  I have continue to track the Nina and my former crew members as they remain a reminder of the adventure.  At present, the Nina is docked in Biloxi, MS and then on to dry dock for 2 months.  Some of the crew will remain to make repair in dock and then next March the tour begins in Florida.  It is a temptation to return for a sail of the gulf, but that may make my experience more work than adventure.  The sailing experience I missed while in the Tennessee River, but that may present a new adventure in future years.  We are working on a long term plan for another travel experience.

I feel I am easing into some sort of retirement in future years.  My professional has permitted us to travel about the US while supporting the travel habit.  The ability to provide service to clients while viewing this country is attributable to technology and my learning curve.  We hope to continue this trend during 2011 and beyond.  Now, we must calculate a way to extract Denise from her "real job" and move that to the Admiral. Mobile banking must have opportunities for a banker with her experience.  

Denise and I want to remember all the serving and veterans who have given to this country.  Both our families have several members wo served in WW II, Korean, Vietnam, and Iraq.  The service effects each one in different forms but service it remains. 

Lastly, we hope all enjoy a prosperous new year and that Christmas 2010 was enjoyable and a renewal of family spirits.  We do not know what 2011 will bring, but we plan to enjoy the year to the limit.  Who knows, we may create a new limit.

Happy days,

Denise and Barry  

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