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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Chattanooga Port

We arrived in Chattanooga, TN to a good crowd at the dock. Firing the cannons is a typical event when entering harbor. The following site is a photo of the arrival escorted by the River George Explorer Boat as part of the Tennessee Aquarium. The 15Th century escorted by the 21st. century. We were cruising at 5 knots and the hydrofoil spun a 360 degree along side. Show off!

A warm crowd welcomed us at docks and good press coverage. Nina and Pinta are docked side by side with huge crowds. Saturday saw over 1,200 visitors and Sunday near the same. My favorite visitor Sunday was a 95 year old sailor. We continue to compile our most unusual questions. One of the new questions was, "How did you get the ships here"? We have a number of answers to this questions. The crew favorite is "we flew them here by helicopter". We really get some odd looks on this one.
In Guntersville, AL the average was about 1,500 per day or a total of 12,000 visitors in port. All seem to be amazed at the small size of the Nina and that she is a working ship. I continue to be rewarded waking up each day in history. To be sailing along with Nina and the wonders expressed by our visitors could be a once in a lifetime experience. Each community rewards us with special meals, and even offered homes for showers and laundry.
A crisis is approaching! Our "cookie" Constance is leaving Nina in about a week. As she spoils us with great food, not permitting us to wash dishes and counsels all during the working aboard in close quarters. However, we do have plans. We have fashioned very comfortable "shackles" for her in the galley. The chain will permit access to galley, bunk and head. We will let her on deck only while underway to our next location. With this extreme measure we will be assured of the continuation of our great food and professional counseling. We will not alert the Coast Guard.
I continue to look forward to another day about our Nina. Fair sailing,

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  1. Barry, This is Nancie, the person you replaced on the Nina. I met you and your family briefly in Grand River. Constance and I lobbied HARD to get you on the Nina and to make sure you didn't fall between the cracks in the application process. Ask her about it. Glad you're enjoying the NIna. It is an amazing experience. Give my best to Andrew and to Constance.