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Monday, April 5, 2010

Canal Campground 2010

The 2010 travel season has begun. Release the Hounds, we are on the road again. The Admiral abounds about Kentucky in this early season.
We are lounging at the Canal Campground (CEO) park at the entrance to the Land Between the Lakes (LBL). This is our favorite stop in the Kentucky & Lake Barkley area. Per the picture we are on Brown's Point above the campground with a great view of Lake Barkley.
The campground opened April 1st. We could not wait. The hosts are more than helpful, friendly and the location permits great access to both lakes, canal and LBL. Only 100 miles of trails to explore in the LBL.
Alas, my bride has a real job and had to return to hometown. She is more than patient with my vagabond tendencies and I remain at Canal for the week. This is a good time to work, learn more about the Admiral and teach my dog, Bailey about the intricacies of motorhome travel. You know, the clandestine draining of the gray water tank, how to hide beer bottles from the ranger and avoid Large Marge visits.
That prompts a warning to parents and small children in Canal. Now I understand wanting to sun bath in the spring to turn that skin a golden brown. After all, brown fat is better than white fat. However, if walking or riding the bike around the Brown Point bath house, beware. Alighted upon the wood picnic table ranged "large Marge". Now, she is lucky a harpoon was not stuck in her side. I can only warn readers to beware upon future visits to the Canal. Now, understand Marge must think she looks good and there is much to look at. But do not be near in case she rolls over. Even the park ranger paid a recent visit with complaints of nude sun bathing. I could not include any pics for my phone camera does not have a wide angle lens. I can only warn readers, stretch marks have stretch marks. Enough said.
We did have a Motorhome emergency this afternoon. I tell this at the expense of the gentleman who suffered the painful damage. I was accosted by Mr. large Marge this afternoon upon my return from the bath house. Yells of pain erupted from the hill. We rushed to his assistance and my trusty dog bailey just lay there. The poor man was strapped to the side of his Holiday Rambler with thumb caught in the awning over the slide. He was writhing in pain, yelling for help flopping against the side of the motorhome. We managed along with his wife to extract his thumb but damage was done. His close friend suggested 2 Tylenol and 2 fingers of scotch to help the pain. Of course I offered a good shot of Woodford Reserve Bourbon. Not a permanent damage done to thumb.
Bailey and I are landing here for remainder of the week. Thanks to my patient wife, Denise, I am working from the Admiral. Really, working. I encourage all to remote work when possible and hopefully you will have a trusty dog, beautiful wife and soothing lake to view.
Happy trails.

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