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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Nashville New Year's

Lucky Kiss the Moose on New Year's. That is what $0.99 draft beer will do for you. This was a Scope moment.

We toured to Nashville for a long weekend, 4 nights, in temps around 10-20 degrees. No roasting around the camp fire this weekend. However, Nashville offers numerous opportunities to drink and eat near the KOA and we being adventurous travelers, sampled the offerings just to help our readers. What a sacrifice.
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Winter months find us utilizing the more expensive KOA due to a short drive, 2 hours, and entertainment within 1-2 miles. It continues to amaze me that the KOA can be so busy in winter months although the prices are at the upper end of the camping spectrum.

We were entertained by two football fans, Auburn, adjacent to our site. Now, I understand sport fans can be rabid, however these two set a new bar. Picture the conditions! Approximately 15 degrees plus wind chill, two football fans perched on the patio with fire in the pit, entertainment system activated, outside, bloody Mary's in hand watching the Auburn - Northwestern Bowl Game. Inside the coach was the same game on satellite with 70 degrees and food. Go figure. They must have wanted to experience the Stadium effect. What fun watching these grown men whoop it up while trying to hide the screen from what little sun pushed through the gray clouds. Fortunately, Auburn won or we may have witnessed suicides in the KOA!

Now, being true sport fans, we adjourned the next day to witness the University of Kentucky vs. Louisville Cardinals game. We took advantage of the kind hospitality of the Caney Creek Camp restaurant to watch the game. Now, UK basketball, food, beer and the company of new friends at the bar made for an enjoyable afternoon and evening. Fortunately, UK won and they did not eject us from the bar. Good food and beer.

Due to the cold temps, many water lines froze overnight. The campground hosts were more the helpful, but temps hampered everyone's efforts. Fortunately, propane was available for all so no frostbite. We will return to the KOA for a weekend adventure. We can also recommends John A's restaurant and bar. They typically have good country music each evening and you can adventure to the back of the bar and visit with John. John has a long history with the local music and if you time it right, Tommy Lasorta will be there to talk baseball.

Happy Trails All!

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